Life has taken a very interesting turn for the world hasn’t it? I am not seeing clients in their homes. All my fitness classes are cancelled.

I’m still healthy. I’m thankful every day that I am free of virus symptoms. I live day by day, with talk of the virus all around me. This new way of living is fascinating to me as I see Toronto become a new city. If you’re a senior needing support from my company, Whole Self Fitness is offering the following:

Online fitness and Corona coping consulting through WhatsApp/Instagram and Skype.

I’ll be online live on Instagram for 20 minutes a day, offering some Pilates/Strength Instruction. Today’s first session will start at noon. Please be patient as I work through initial technical kinks!

I will be posting this blog more often to hopefully help you cope the next little while, as the world around you changes. If you are healthy, try to breathe often, laugh, keep a distance and get outside if you are able.

Be well.

A little strength training at Lawrence Park Calisthenics. Yes I used gloves.

I guided my visually impaired friend on the quieter streets of north Toronto.
Friday the 13th I saw a black cat on a car.
I’ll be doing some live workouts from home. Stay tuned on Instagram.