I’ve stuck to my weekly blog entry goal for 5 weeks. Since I’m serious about blogging, I’ll give it a title: LLEV Writes. Lev means Heart in Hebrew.

Unfortunately what I really wanted to write about, I still have to wait a few weeks before I can put it on the internet. Instead I’m answering a question I often get asked: Where do you get your energy?

I have *highlighted* the points where I think you can bring your energy levels up. The others are unique to me.

  1. I was born this way. My mother has a lot of energy too.
  2. *I get outside as often as I can.*
  3. *I usually get 7-8 hours sleep. I always feel better in the morning. * I realize not everyone has the luxury of getting that much sleep but try, sleep is key.
  4. I go to bed early and wake up early. I like to have 3 hours before I leave in the morning. They go by so fast because I’m able to get tons of work done.
  5. My work keeps me energized. I’m pretty lucky that at the end of teaching a fitness class or a client session, I feel good about getting people moving.
  6. *I give myself some ‘me’ time each day. That time is used to get things off my chest, work out problems or just breathe. *
  7. *I move a lot.* If you don’t move, you won’t have energy. If you don’t have energy you don’t want to move. Moving gets you energized, even if you are tired. Get outside and walk: YOU WILL FEEL BETTER.
  8. *I laugh a lot. Finding things to laugh and smile about makes you energized. It’s also good for your core muscles. 🙂 *
  9. *I eat well* What does eating well mean? Whole foods, lots of fresh vegetables, low to no sugar, complex over simple carbs. Eating in moderation. When I eat too much (which I do) and lay down, I get tired. If I eat too much and keep moving, I get lots of energy from the food. Eat the amount you need for your lifestyle.
  10. *Drink lots of water.* When I do feel tired, I either drink cold water or spray cold water on my face. I don’t drink any caffeinated drinks or sugary drinks/juices, just water and herbal tea. Staying hydrated keeps your energy levels up.
I made this veggie stock in the morning. I get a lot of house work done before most of the house wakes up!
This was a different way of putting toppings for pizza. Cosmos Restaurant in Quebec City. I had 3/4 of it. It didn’t bring my energy levels up. Simple carbs will do that to me.