Lots of changes happening in my life. Most of which I can’t tell the inter-verse just yet. What I can tell you is I’m going to start half doing the Jewish tradition of unplugging on Friday nights. The real Jews do it for 24 hours. I’ll start with Friday nights. If you’re wondering why I haven’t communicated with you on Friday after sundown it’s because my phone is on airplane mode.

My parents who are agnostic, think I’ve become a fanatical Jew, just because I want to light the candles at sunset. I still eat shrimp, I haven’t picked up the Torah and have no desire to attend synagogue. This one little ritual is about the only connection I have to the religion I was born into.

This Friday I’m co-hosting a Shabbat candle lighting gathering. I invite you to join us, email leehe@wholeself.ca for location details.

On Saturday, I walked to a friend’s new home in Thornhill. First Saturday where I can walk where I want and when I want. This Friday will also be my first free Friday of the year!
I’m doing better, thanks to those who have been asking. Looking forward to Friday night with you?
Unrelated to this blog post but still important. The last time I walked this route on Yonge north of York Mills was 8 years ago. There is still no side walk, or warning sign that the sidewalk ends. The things you learn about walking the city.