I’ve been having lots of conversations with people and there is an overall feeling of anxiety at the current situation. I have been experiencing some as well, but I am doing well. Perhaps if I share my positive distractions it may help you find some relief from the state the world is in now.

  1. A schedule. I go day by day. It seems something new comes into my life everyday. I create to-do lists in the evening and start the day with a morning routine that takes two extra hours which I now have.
  2. I make a point of socializing. Zoom app has been a frustrating and gratifying way to feel some kind of community. Technology was never a huge part of my life. With extra time, I try to use it for good. Dinner with friends and dance parties!
  3. Wim Hof’s breathing exercises. Holding my breath reminds me of swimming which I miss a lot right now.
  4. Helping people. I spend a lot of my time emailing and chatting on the phone, constantly checking in on people. Providing fitness when and to who I can. Don’t feel shy to reach out for help if you need it.

Be well.

It’s sad to be a child right now.
It’s the little things. Thanks Toronto. (updated since my last picture from previous post)