This past Fall I taught vegetarian cooking classes in High Park. It fell on a Saturday which is my walking day. The job went from 9am-3:15pm. For the first time since I started these walks five years ago, I had to change things up a bit.

Beet Muffins were a hit of course!
On the last day of classes, we all dressed up as our favourite vegetable. I was a green leafy vegetable!

It’s between 8-10 kms to get to the Eco-Program Kitchen in High Park , depending on what route and detours I take. I’d leave my house at 7am and walk the first half and when I was done in the afternoon, I’d walk the second half, usually with a friend as it’s easier to convince people to walk in the afternoon for a shorter distance (another 8-9kms). Walking to the same location back and forth each week had me exploring Toronto’s west end and High Park more than I’d ever done before.

Discovered this nice street as I found new ways to get from home to High Park.

In January and February I’ll be teaching again and will try to keep up with the morning and afternoon walk to and from High Park. If anyone is interested in either the morning portion or afternoon portion, I’m happy to give walking tours to show Toronto’s west end (Parkdale, Junction, High Park). You’ll be surprised as to what you may find out! Email me Fridays ( in January and February to see how beautiful Toronto can be in the winter.

Did you know that the tennis courts in High Park stay open all year long? One court is even ploughed!
I loved walking through the zoo. A little detour to work.