I am incredibly grateful to the universe and our healthcare system for my abundance of energy and good health. To express my gratitude, I have been actively putting these gifts to good use in my job and my free time. Despite all that I have learned and achieved in these 49ish years, I know there is still room for personal growth, and I am thankful to all the people who have shaped me into the person I am today.

I made a list of 50 things I want to do before I reach 50 and would like some help with the 21 of them. I’m reaching out to the universe to see if maybe others would like to join me on some of the tasks. I’m looking to expand my relationships with people (especially those under 16) and their parents. If any of these activities below pique your interest, or you have suggestions for other tasks on my list, please reach out and join me in the fun!

1. Share and celebrate summer local harvest for communal dinner.(date is going to be early September, email if you want to be included in the potluck)

2. Share and celebrate summer local harvest for communal lunch. (date is going to be late August email if you want to be included in the potluck)

3. Make more connections/friends with humans under the age of 16.

4. Jump into ice cold water (I feel I need someone there to make the plunge easier!)

5. Teach a Pilates class (I miss teaching and I really want to just teach a class again. If you want to join my come-back class at the end of August, let me know)

6. Stay up until midnight (need a good reason to stay up past my bedtime)

7. Tell me your story

8. Create a new playlist to dance to (always looking for upbeat song suggestions)

9. Climb somewhere interesting and scenic

10. Hike on the Bruce Trail (Planning to go to Lion’s Head on September 2nd, join me?)

11. Go to an official Tea Ceremony (if you have more information on where these may be happening soon, let me know)

12. Walk/Bike to the Bell Canada Pharmacy Avenue Telecommunications Tower which I can see from my apartment.

13. Attend a Rosh Hashanah ceremony

14. Go to a real shabbat dinner/ceremony (must have music)

15. Go bird watching with a birdwatcher. (did this for Spring migration but would like to do it for the fall migration too!)

16. Go to a music festival. (Are there classical music festivals?)

17. Take a train somewhere with interesting places to walk

18. Join me mushroom foraging outdoors with a mycophile

19. Try to make non-toxic sunscreen and bug repellent. 

20. Be a tourist somewhere.

21. Meet more young parents. 

Half way point of my swim across the lake. Checked that off my list on Saturday August 6th.