As Whole Self Fitness gains more water exercise clients, planning for a permanent pool site is in the works.  An Endless Pool is appealing for its space efficiency and price.   This past weekend, I had the opportunity to swim in one.

An Endless Pool is usually about the size of a Whirlpool and creates a constant current, which acts like a treadmill for swimmers! As someone who’s been swimming laps all my life, I had my suspensions on how the swim would be.

To my surprise, I enjoyed myself. I didn’t have to count laps or think about coming to the end of one, leaving me to concentrate only on my stroke.  There is a speed dial which increases the current.  It didn’t take me long to find a speed that was challenging.  Without the wall to kick off of, it’s straight swimming, making it quite the workout.

The highlight of the swim was being able to enjoy backstroke again.  I had a bad hit on the wall many years ago and am always keeping an eye back for the wall when I swim backstroke in a pool.  In the Endless pool there was no worry and it reminded me how much I enjoyed the stroke.

After looking at the footage of me swimming, I could give myself some stroke improvement.  My right arm is lacking length because of my torn rotator cuff.  That’s now something I can be more aware of on future swim workouts.

I tried water running and aquafit exercises which were a lot of fun for all levels.  Overall the experience was good and I’d be happy with an Endless Pool over a typical backyard pool, which is crappy for laps and takes a lot of room.  It doesn’t beat a long lap pool but for now I’m definitely sold.  I’ll let you all know when one is available for water exercise clients and stroke improvement.

Video of Backstroke in Endless Pool

Stroke improvement made easier in an Endless Pool.

Stroke improvement made easier in an Endless Pool.