On Easter long weekend I had written a draft entry updating readers that I had landed the job I’ve wanted since the beginning of the pandemic. On April 6th, I was hired as a Recreation Services Assistant (AKA Recreation Therapist) with the City of Toronto at Castleview Wychwood Towers. This new position comes with a pretty big learning curve and I knew I’d need at least a few weeks to get on top of things.

Getting on top of things is now going to take much longer…

On Easter Monday morning, one km into my run, I tripped on a small rock and fell on the pavement. I got up and the pain in my right foot was so bad I couldn’t weight bear on it. I painfully dragged myself home. I spent the rest of that day thinking it was a sprain and that it would go away after a good night’s rest and R.I.C.E. technique. All night I worried about how I was going to handle this new very active job. The next morning my foot doubled in size. I called in sick and went to emergency where they X-rayed my foot and found it was broken. In emergency I was sold a bulky air brace and the next day the orthopaedic surgeon said I had to rest and use the brace when I’m weight bearing until at least May 18th, my next X-ray.

Not the best timing for an injury just when I started a new career I’ve really wanted to excel at. Emotionally I’m also struggling as all my ‘happy outlets’ require me to use both my feet. It’s been two weeks, about a third of the way through the recovery process. On good days I try not to think about how long this will take and how far behind I’m getting at this new job.

Here’s what I’m doing to keep sane.

  1. Whenever I get upset about not being able to go for a walk outside. I pause, take a deep breath and then try to see this period of my life as a chance to rest. I’ve been doing more computer and internet stuff knowing I won’t have much time for that once I can walk again. Audio described exercises are what I’m offering new personal training clients.
  2. I’ve been reading autobiographies by elite athletes. With practice and hard work, your body can reach the goals you set out for…in time. I need the reminder.
  3. I binged watched Sort Of in a weekend. Never done that before. Totally worth it, highly recommend this show. Lots of fun to watch.
  4. When I go into a dark place from being sedentary for too long, I focus on my breath. It brings me back to the present.
  5. I’m seeing the world from another perspective. People look at you differently. Now I’m that person in the cast, that you think, ‘thank god that’s not me.’
  6. Movement. There’s a lot I can’t do but I’m still improvising ways to do what I can without using my foot. If you’re looking for creative ways to add movement in your life, I’m happy to describe it through phone or web appointments. You know where to find me..
I've become a wobbler.
I know I will love this job again.