It’s been a year since my long term friend Yasemin passed away. My personality took a year long transformation that day I found out.  The grieving process made me more ‘carpe diem’ but also lonely for a friend I lost. Summer tends to be a frustrating time for me.I’m going to try hard to keep my spirits high and be thankful for life.

This year at Summer Solstice I will honour the person I’ve become and the experiences I’ve had with the people still living. The one thing I love about summer is the growth that happens in the four months.  What do you want to see grow in your life? Perhaps you can share it this Friday evening at a low-key tradition of summer solstice at the Glen Cedar bridge. Bring an instrument if you play or just chill and take in the view.

Solstice 2014. The Glen Cedar bridge has now been restored.