Happy Solstice! My last blog post, I mentioned how I was ‘hanging by a thin thread’ in my redeployed role as a food service worker. A few days later, I injured my shoulder. Two weeks off work, with sleepless nights, crying in pain and also feeling like a failure for trusting I was strong enough to do this job. Mostly I longed for access to the healing properties of the water.

A few days before I was due back to my job, I had a lucky opportunity to swim in a lake. It was the best feeling I’ve had since way before pre-pandemic. On the way back to Toronto, I felt the lowest I’ve felt since the pandemic. Knowing that swimming would not be a regular part of my life for a while.

I’ve returned to the long term care home in a new role. It has me interacting with the residents and staff more and seeing how things are run at the home. It’s been an eye opener.

My strength is coming back. My emotional strength is much better. When you come back from an injury, being healthy is happiness.

Here’s some helpful ideas to help get us through bad times.

Get Strong. Exercise (with me if you choose), eat well, sleep, take deep breaths

Deal with the cobwebs of your life from pre-pandemic. When you’re feeling down which is happening to more of us more often. Instead of using self-harming ways to approach, try a different approach. Observe your thoughts and feelings. Let time pass.

Care. If you’re healthy, use this time to care for people who may feel/be less strong.

Consider how you are going to look back on this time.

This was post-swim bliss. “Never take anything for granted” was passing through my thoughts that swim.

Summer solstice at sunrise.
I got this night owl, Mariko Uda, to wake up for a 5:30am summer solstice sunrise meet up at Glen Cedar bridge.