You survived a year in a pandemic! We’re alive! This year was life-changing. I feel a lot better now than I did a year ago and I owe it all to luck, wise decisions and these three undertakings.


At the start of the pandemic I educated myself about the virus as much as was known at the time. Which was not much. My first instinct was to strengthen my lungs. I was drawn to the Wim Hof method probably because I like structure. I can now hold my breath for over 2 minutes most days. For a year, I have not missed a morning and before bed session. It has been my lifeline to get me through some very tough days.

Being Helpful

My 2020 resolution was to practice kindness and help often. Being alone at home with everyone else also at their homes made that a bit more challenging. When the opportunity to help the vulnerable population in long term care came up, I went for it. It was difficult and rewarding and also life changing. I am currently writing about it and it’s exhausting to remember back at some really traumatic situations I saw day after day.

Online Fitness

My online fitness presence has been a long learning curve. Sharing my love of movement with everyone brings me joy. I was happy with the niche I helped teach how to move safely and effectively. Wellness Wednesdays have developed into an Introduction to Movement class, starting on Wednesday March 31st at 6pm. Sign up!

What have you gained in a year since the pandemic started?

February 2021. Stronger and Happier.
March 26th, 2020. Earliest selfie from the pandemic.