I didn’t want to spend my birthday driving for hours. We’ll be doing lots of that to get back home tomorrow. I haven’t had a running workout all week and thought it would be a nice birthday thing to do. We drove about 20ish minutes to Syndenham and ran on the Cataraqui Trail. A fine gravel trail, flat and treelined and felt good to run on. After the run, today’s swim, which ended was at Sydenham lake: Point Park beach, Again, we were the only ones there. Instead of changing into my bathing suit, I just went in with my running clothes. The water was lovely.

After we got changed into our dry clothes, we walked around the town of Sydenham. Did you know Trousdale’s is the oldest general store in Canada (1836) is in this town? It had cute fairly priced items. I liked that most of their stock was Canadian and local, with more interesting items than your standard gift shop.

We got back in the car and checked out the Verona Farmers market. There were only a few vendors, half of which were crafts, the produce stands were, a mushroom guy (yum!), veggies (mostly corn, tomatoes, peppers and potatoes), apples and maple syrup. None of those items we needed as we have been getting it at stands along the way. It was lunch time, we went and had a picnic at the local beach in McMullen Park overlooking Verona lake.

We spent the afternoon lazing around the cottage. We finally got out on a kayak and paddled around Cole Lake to look at other properties around the lake. We left the cottage for our first dinner out on the town, my birthday dinner! It was a small town restaurant, the local hangout. The food was nothing to run back for but the server was super sweet. There was another birthday girl at the restaurant and the park where we had lunch. Us September 7’ers are hitting the Frontenac region today!