As I write this I feel like we’re back to where we were when I was writing 2020’s review. Despite the pandemic making things stressful 2021, for me, was life-changing. The last 6 months were so busy I barely had a mental break to adjust to this new life. Now on this four day weekend I have a chance to relax and reflect.

This year I packed in a lot of what I had set out to do. My goals for 2021 were to keep learning, be useful/helpful and hone my artistic and musical skills. Those priorities and a full time job took a lot of my time including daily breath work which became a routine I kept all year and helped me keep going day after day, even on the worst of days.

January began with helping out at my third City run Long Term Care home during an outbreak. The outbreaks kept moving from floor to floor and I moved along with them. I was barely on each floor long enough to get to know the residents and staff and how each floor worked. There was a pattern with the staff and residents for each floor, first they were resistant to help, giving me the cold shoulder. Then slowly they began to warm up and when it was time to leave they were so sad to see me go.

The timing of my LTC assignment ending worked out as I was hired as a Recreational Worker at Dixon Hall Day Program for two days a week. Working part-time finally gave me time to look for an apartment. On my long walks to different neighbourhoods I tried to imagine my new single life there. I am very grateful I found a clean and conveniently located place.

In September after 6 months of doing virtual adult programming, I was hired full-time at Dixon Hall when we went back to an in-person day centre. Even though I have been learning a lot, the transition to full-time these past 3 months were challenging. I enjoy the work and I am lucky to work with a great team. Helping seniors has been gratifying. Too many seniors have declined during this pandemic and being at DIxon Hall makes many of them happy. Some clients have been challenging but they make the job interesting and when there’s a good moment, it all becomes worth it.

Breath work and mindfulness training have been a steady part of my life since the start of the pandemic. I plan to share and teach what I’ve learned through my Patreon page. On my Patreon page there are a number of audio-described exercise videos that work the entire body. Support me and my passion for wellness by becoming a Patron. Also here is a photo summary of 2021 in a PDF. All the best for 2022! Peace and Love!