Before writing my yearly review, I reread 2021’s year in review. It was a lot better than 2022. This year had more health set backs than I’m used to and a number of career transitions in a short period of time. All in all I’m ending the year feeling a bit more hopeful. For those that don’t want to read my detailed recap below, you can see it in pictures here: 2022: Year in Pictures

January I was still working at Dixon Hall in the Adult Day Program. I worked hard and took in as much learning as I could. I liked my co-workers and the challenging work providing recreational activities to people with dementia made me feel like I was making a difference in so many people’s lives. At the end of January the city offered a temp admin position in a cool location which I accepted. My long term plan was always to work full time for the city.

The position was in the Parks division with Horticulture and Greenhouses operations. The position had me sharpening my office skills and I had the coolest possible location for an office. I learned so much about Toronto parks, especially horticulture. While it was great to be part of a team who help beautify our city, at the end of the day, I wanted to help people more hands on.

After only two months in the Parks division, I was a successful candidate for the Recreation Services Assistant position in Long Term Care division of the city. I was back at Castleview Wychwood Towers (CWT) as a permanent staff member. There was a lot to learn and I felt overwhelmed. 2 weeks on the job, I tripped on a rock while running at 5am in the morning and broke my talus bone (ankle). I couldn’t weight bear. I was in an air-cast for 4 long weeks and felt pretty gloomy. 8 weeks after the accident I was back to running again and was more confident in my new role at CWT. The experience changed me and I am much more focused on the present.

Losing most of spring to the injury I wanted to make the most of summer. I became the Pride rep at CWT took some residents to lead the Toronto Pride Parade. It was my first major outdoor event in 2 years and the most exciting weekend of 2022.

Around pride I started to realize that the tinnitus in my right ear was causing headaches. That would go on to affect my social life for the rest of the year. A few weeks after pride, I finally got COVID. COVID was no piece of cake. Being positive, did get rid of the fear and anxiety of catching COVID! I shrugged the ear clogging/tinnitus as part of the COVID symptoms and didn’t deal with it again until the fall.

In October I finally met with an ENT doctor and the results were that I have hearing loss in my right ear. Noisy environments have become triggers for headaches and often I opt to just stay in my quiet apartment than go to social events. My work place and downtown Toronto is loud! I’m hoping to learn to tolerate noise and find coping mechanisms.

I do have a lot to be grateful about. I can still get outside and stay active everyday on top of a physically active full time job. I do enjoy solitude and spent quite a bit of 2022 studying a variety of subjects. Learning brings me joy. I have become a better pianist. I’m learning Portuguese (for work), solved daily Wordles and other mind games and meditate daily. Working in the health care field has been fulfilling, fascinating and exhausting at times. It has made me more grateful for every moment I can live independently and move my body freely.

My plan for next year is to not have a plan and to try and be a little less regimented in certain areas and see how those small changes work out. 2022 was also the first year I didn’t teach Pilates and Aquafit and I miss it. To take care of that I’m organizing to teach a weekly class in 2023. Email me for information.

Wishing everyone a safe and joyful new year. All the best for 2023.