Another early start to the day, Chris wanted a good fast run so I rode a mountain bike along side for close to an hour.  When we got back to the cottage, I lead and participated in a Tabata class.When we were showered, Kari

Top of Marten Mountain (the start and finish of the hike)

announced that we were going to do a hike down and then up Marten Mountain. I kind of wished I hadn’t do such a hard class but we all packed in the typical large vehicle all Albertans seem to have and drove to Marten Mountain.


The area is unique, both as an ecosystem and how it stands out in a pretty flat area.  The hike starts with a beautiful view and goes down all the way to Lily Lake which is where all the bird branding takes place.  (We learned this because after we stopped at the Lesser Slave Lake Observatory they explained all the birds that travel through the area).  It had rained last night so it was very muddy and slippery at places and not maintained that well. When we came to the bottom there was a calm lake.  Some of us took naps but I was eager to start the 2.8 km climb back up.  The sun came out and the hike up wasn’t as slippery.

Lily Lake, the halfway point of the hike at the bottom of Marten Mountain.

Chris and Geoff taking a nap at half way point of hike.

Kari gave me a fishing lesson.

In the afternoon we took advantage of the sun being out and the lake being a lot calmer.  Kari and I went fishing and caught nothing but I still learned how to do it.  A few months ago there was a big flood in Slave Lake so there is a lot of wood debris around, which we used to make a nice bonfire at sunset tonight.