For the past three years, I’ve been walking many kms around Toronto. It’s a constant joy for me and I’ve witnessed so many breath-taking moments with each stride.  My latest walking goal is to do 250 kms over the course of 10 days this year.  About the same time, I also made a goal to put even more effort to reducing plastic. Some people find it annoying and some commend me. The same with my long distance walking, some people think I’m pushing myself too hard and some people get it.  It’s the people that get it that I’m spending more time with these days.

I’ve spent many morning looking at this view of Cedarvale ravine over this bridge. This bridge has a strong connection to Jane Jacobs.


One person that gets it is my neighbour John Cummings.  Not only does he walk 10kms a day but he picks up other people’s trash in beautiful Cedarvale Ravine and the St. Clair west neighbourhood.

Selfie from a winter walk with my Unique Treasure Hunt walk year’s co-lead John Cummings. He’s often found talking to people in the park.

John and I will be co-leading a Jane’s Walk on Saturday May 4th at 11am. We’ll meet at the Toronto Tool Library-Hillcrest location (830 St. Clair Ave), which is a fine example of Re-using and Re-ducing.  City of Toronto Solid Waste Management will be providing a limited number of garbage pickers/bags and gloves as we set off “Plogging‘ (our Jane’s Walk version welcomes all levels of walkers/joggers). We’ll be finding unique treasures while exploring our neighbourhood and green spaces. Have some interesting ideas to stop the littering? Cool reducing/reusing tips? We look forward  to some healthy conversations about waste diversion along with outdoor exercise.  Plogging could be the next big fitness craze to clean out Toronto!